Teachers Day Celebration
Markethink & What do you Meme

Navadhaara 2021 was an intra college event for the full-time M.M.S students of PTVA’s Institute of Management.

Objectives: To provide a platform for students to showcase and enhance their management skills, analytical thinking, creativity, and group dynamics.

Navadhaara offered a unique platform to our students to participate in the below-mentioned activities:

  • MarkeThink :
    The event was based on the concept of cross-branding. A list of brands and products was given to the participants. The participants were asked to choose a brand and a product which the chosen brand does not manufacture. The participants had to promote their chosen pair in the form of a video advertisement or a flyer.
  • What do you MEME? :
    The concept of the event was to inform the audience about the current management topics such as work from home, online teaching, brand controversies, and many more through amusing memes.

Event Day:

The event took place on 22nd October 2021 on the virtual platform, zoom. The total attendees for the event were 86 participants which included 72 students amongst the esteemed gathering.

The event started at 11:30 am with the inaugural ceremony hosted by Sailee Rajadhyaksha and Tanvi Khedekar. The host welcomed our guest of honour, Dr. (Smt.) Snehalata Deshmukh Ma’am, Ex Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, the board member of PTVA & mentor of our institute; Director of PTVAIM, Dr Harish Kumar Purohit; the distinguished Judges; Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff; all invitees; participants and students of PTVA’s Institute of Management.

The event proceeded with the lighting of the digital lamp by Director sir along with Saraswati Vandana as a part of the inaugural ceremony. Further, sir addressed the gathering with a warm welcome speech. Assistant professor, Mrs Shalini Kakkar addressed the gathering by briefing the audience about Skill Development Program and Navadhaara.

The first event - MarkeThink was commenced at noon after the assistant professor, Mrs Shalini Kakkar addressed the gathering. The objectives of the event were:

  • To strengthen marketing skills
  • Learning different ways to make an advertisement
  • Enrich time management skills

The event was hosted by Namrata Jethwa and Shreya Naik. 8 teams participated in the event showcasing their ideas through video and flyers to advertise the product they chose.

Participants presented their advertisement to judges, Ms Manjiri Bhosale, course coordinator of BMS department and faculty in Sathaye College and Mr Bhavesh Vaity, assistant professor at PTVA's Institute of Management.

Due to some other commitments, Dr. (Smt.) Snehalata Deshmukh ma’am joined the event belatedly. She then addressed the gathering with her warm and encouraging words. A short break was followed at the end of the MarkeThink event. The event was made more fun and interesting with a short fun quiz for the audience to play during break time.

The second event of Navadhaara 2021 - What do you MEME? began at 1:15 pm. The objectives behind this event were:

  • To inform students about current management topics through memes
  • Creative medium to convey management aspect

The event was hosted by Shreya Naik and Apurva Sawant. 17 teams participated in the event sharing their memes on various topics like brand controversies, work from home, online teaching along with the others. Mr Sarvottam Rege, a member of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (FCMA) and Ms Ridhima Mahabal, faculty coordinator of COEI; judged this competition.

Both the events ended with the Director of PTVAIM, Dr Harish Kumar Purohit announcing the winners.

Winners of MarkeThink
1st 2nd
Group Number 08 06
Name of the Members a. Aditi Agarwal
b. Shravan Kumar Dode
c. Mohanish Patil
a. Rahul Jadhav
b. Ruchita Tawade
c. Rahul Borhade
Topic Chosen If Patanjali manufactures Bottles If Dettol manufactures Paint
Winners of What do you MEME?
1st 2nd
Group Number 15 02
Name of the Members a. Vishvesh Kamble
b. Valeta Lopes
c. Himanshi Balsara
a. Aditya Sonawale
b. Pallavi Dhumal
c. Kritee Jain
Topic Chosen Human Resource Work from Home

The winners were encouraged with a prize.

Namrata Jethwa expressed gratitude in her vote of thanks to one and all present in the event.

Navadhaara 2021 was concluded with our National Anthem played by Balraj Maheshwari on flute.

Faculty Organizing Team
Sr. No. Name
1 CA Rajul Murudkar
2 Dr. Anand Hindolia
3 Mrs. Shalini Kakkar
4 Mr. Abhishek Deokule
Event Heads
  • 1. Balraj Maheshwari
  • 2. Laveena Punjabi
Core Committee Members
Sr. No. Name
1 Balraj Maheshwari
2 Laveena Punjabi
3 Namrata Jethwa
4 Ketaki Kulkarni
5 Manasi Sawant
6 Mohanish Patil
7 Shreya Naik
8 Sailee Rajadhyaksha
9 Tanvi Khedekar
10 Apurva Sawant
11 Aditi Topre
12 Pradhnya Umale
13 Kalyani Kale
14 Karan Munjale
15 Sourabh Lotake
16 Rahul Borhade
17 Chetna Dardi
18 Sushmita Bhosale

The event heads and core committee members were given a certificate of appreciation for their hard work and efforts.

Snapshots Taken During the Event
Inauguration Ceremony
What do you MEME?
Vote of Thanks