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Two Year’s MBA Programme in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development – MBA-IEV


Remember the dream of ‘being your own boss’?

Do you think it is just “a dream” or “the dream that is going to come true”?

With your regular graduation and post-graduation courses, it seems more like “just a dream”, since first you are busy in completing your course and then in dilemma of whether to take the ‘risk of trying own venture by staying out of placement’ or ‘not to take the risk and go for the placement and postpone the idea of being our own master for some future date’……….

Well, here is some good news for you all. AICTE has introduced an innovative two-year MBA programme coined as “MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development”. This is ‘the perfect programme for all who wish to be ‘job creators. It is an incubation center-based programme that offers perfect blend of theory (40%) and practical knowledge (60% - with out-of-class activities) about business management, gives you an opportunity to develop your own venture right from idea generation, development of the business plan, launching pilot of the business/start-up and launching your business at the end of the course. You get knowledge in the area of enterprise development, all required hand-holding for enterprise development, access to funding and opportunity to interact with a number of entrepreneurs, start-up founders, innovators, and funding agencies with a full time MBA degree.

Gone are the days of keeping your ‘being your own master’ or ‘being free to do what you like the most’ dream in some corner of your mind while going through the relentless stream of job interviews and the frustration of doing something that you don’t enjoy. Enroll to this programme and grab the opportunity of being self employed as your plan ‘A’ and job seeker as your plan ‘B’. Corporates are always looking out of creative minds and innovative employees.

Programme Structure
Tracks/Phase Year Semester Modules, Capstone Projects and Action Learning Segments
Foundation of Management and Entrepreneurship Track 1st Year 1st Semester
  • Module-I: Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurial Idea Generation and Identifying Business Opportunities
  • Capstone Project-I: Development of a Innovative Business Idea into a Proof-of-Concept
  • Module-II: Management Skills for Entrepreneurs and Managing for Value Creation
  • Capstone Project-II: Development of Business Idea into working Prototype
Start-up Experiential Learning Track: (Co-Learning & Contribution) 2nd Semester
  • Module-III: Creating and Sustaining Enterprising Model & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Capstone Project-III: Development of Minimum Viable Business Model of Innovation
  • Action Learning Segment-I: Start-up/Incubation Residency Learning Progra
Entrepreneurship Intensity Track (Immersion into Incubation Facility and
Resource Access)
2nd Year 3rd Semester
  • Module-IV: Advancing Entrepreneurial Skill and Venture Planning
  • Module-V: Creating and Growing New Venture and National & Global Business Environment
Start-up Establishment Track 4th Semester
  • Action Learning Segment-II: Venture Establishment Phase at Incubators/Accelerators
Final Exit Completion of "MBA/PGDM in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and & Venture Development " Degree
Credit Distribution
Year Semester Credit Core (Class Room) Credit Elective (Class Room) Credit - Out Side Classroom Learning/Certificati on/Competitions Credit Capstone Credit Action Learning Segment Total
1st Year 1st Semester 8 8 4 4 + 4 - 28
2nd Semester 4 4 2 4 14 28
2nd Year 3rd Semester 8 12 4 - - 24
4th Semester - - 4 - 20 24
Total 20 24 14 12 34 104