Teachers Day Celebration
MMS 2016-18 Batch

The evening of 24th September 2016 marked a memorable day in the life of every Fresher of MMS Batch 2016-18 at PTVA's Institute of Management. It was an evening filled with talent, enthusiasm, joy, dance, fun and music.

Fresher’s performed a Ramp walk and narrated Bollywood Dialogues in style.

They were made to play a fun game of 'DARE'.

Every year on Fresher’s Party a boy and a girl is nominated for the prestigious title of Mr. & Ms. Fresher and for that they have to go through a 'Talent Round'.

This year the titles were grabbed by Prathamesh Jadhav (Mr. Fresher 2016) & Sanjana Bhavsar (Ms. Fresher 2016).

This was followed by a DJ night and dinner.

The energy on the dance floor proved that the new batch with their level of enthusiasm will do great work in future.