Part Time MBA Degree

Three Years Part Time MMS (Financial Management) Degree Program

Program Objectives

The Three Years Part Time MMS (Financial Management) has been designed by the University of Mumbai with a clear vision and objective of empowering promising executives, with practical experience, to earn a management degree while they continue to work.

The Part time MMS (Financial Management) follows the course structure prescribed by the University of Mumbai. First three semesters of this course offer grounding in the core disciplines of Management, enabling the executives to get necessary management principles right to perform in a complex integrated global environment. The fourth, fifth and sixth semesters are the specialization semesters, where the executives immerse themselves in the specializations they have chosen.

Part Time MMS (Financial Management) Degree Program

The program covers all the related areas of Finance and Accounting with emphasis on managerial applications. Candidates having experience in Finance or related areas of finance such as management services, project planning and control, corporate planning, management audit, internal audit, marketing analysis and economic analysis will find these programs useful.

The pedagogy used is a blend of
  • Lectures
  • Role Plays
  • Case Studies
  • Presentations
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Group Discussion
  • Guest Lectures Series
  • Live Projects